Victoria Retirement Visit

Some pictures of the Veterans and Widows from Victoria Retirement. Branch President Heather Atkins and 1st Vice President John Grozelle visited them on Monday Dec 23, 2019, to present them with a small Christmas Gift from the Grafton Legion.

New Year’s Levee

A combined New Year’s Levee with the Grafton Legion and Alnwick/Haldimand Council Members. From Noon to 5pm at the Grafton Legion with special appearances by our Town Crier Liam Cragg; Grafton Legion President Heather Atkins and acting Mayor Gail Latchford. …

Candles in Schoonebeek

There is a group that places Candles on Canadian Veterans’ graves in Schoonebeek (a Village in the Netherlands) that helped liberate their country, and this year the Grafton Legion made a donation to help purchase candles. This is a link …

Holiday Hours

GRAFTON LEGION HOLIDAY HOURS Tue Dec 24 – ** Open from 2 to 6pm ** (No Darts tonight)Wed Dec 25 – ** Closed on Christmas Day **Thu Dec 26 – ** Closed on Boxing Day **Fri Dec 27 – Open …

Draw Winners

During our Christmas Pot Luck on Friday December 20, 2010 we drew names and winners for a few draws! Winning a Turkey were: Brent Baxter, Wayne Aasen, Rick Hall, Todd Wilson and Doug Tinney. Congratulations! The winner of the Christmas …

Thank you Bill Ruttle

At our Christmas Pot Luck Supper on Friday December 20, 2019 we were honoured to present Bill Ruttle with an award for Piping for the Legion for 65 years! The plaque was presented by Branch President Heather Atkins.

New members Diane and Tim Corkery

Welcome new Members

At our General Meeting on Dec 5, 2019 we also initiated two new Legion Members – please welcome to Diane and Tim Corkery!

Donation Recipients

December Donations

The Grafton Legion, Branch 580 is part of the Royal Canadian Legion. We are here to support our Veterans and Community. Twice a year we donate to Veteran causes and Community needs. At our General Meeting on Thursday Dec 5, …