2019 Executive

The following members have been elected or appointed to the Branch 580 Executive for 2019-2020

Branch Officers
President  Heather Atkins
Past President  Doug Moore
1st Vice President  John Grozelle
2nd Vice President  Al Tidd
Secretary  Terri Wright – secretary@rcl580.ca
Treasurer  Karen Boyle
Sergeant At Arms  –
Padre  Bill Thompson
Branch Executive
Mary Anne Mathew
Tracey Taylor
Helen Massey
Helen Routh
 Committee Functions  
 Lottery, Bingo  Tracey Taylor
 Ways & Means  Helen Routh
 Membership  Heather Atkins – membership@rcl580.ca
 Service Office  Doug Moore
 Youth Ed  Jen MacDonald
 PRO  John Grozelle & G. Freymann (as volunteer)
 Poppy  Heather Atkins
 Honours & Awards  Heather Atkins
 Leadership & Planning  Jen MacDonald
 Entertainment  Terri Wright and Committee
 Building & Maintenance  –
 Service Officer  Doug Moore
 Seniors  Helen Massey
 LA Liason  Tracey Taylor
 Sick & Visiting  Helen Massey
 Bar  Karen Boyle – bar.chair@rcl580.ca
 Sports  Al Tidd

Updated May 3, 2019