2023 Grafton Poppy Campaign

Currently at the Branch there is a signup sheet to participate in this years Poppy Campaign. The Poppy Campaign runs from Friday October 27 to Saturday November 11.

When you are in please review the Poppy Campaign sign-up sheet to assist in this years Campaign. You can sign up for the location and duration that works for your, but most pick to be out for 2 hours.

Current locations are The Lass & Ladle, Grafton Gas Station, Grafton Drug Store, Grafton Co-op, Baltimore Johns and the Scenery Drive Restaurant on Hwy 45 and Centreton Rd.

Please watch for street canvassing (poppy tagging) and we will be placing our Poppy Boxes into the stores that are able to accept them.

More information please email: poppy@rcl580.ca and we will get back to you.

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