Annual Poster and Literary Contest 2022

Every year the Legion holds a Remembrance Day Poster and Literary Contest.

This year we had a total of 110 entries from the three schools (St Mary’s, Grafton Public and Baltimore Public) from our Youth Education program.

Today (January 31, 2023) Heather Atkins and John Grozelle of the Grafton Legion attended St Mary’s School to present the awards to the students for the Branch Level competition.

The 1st place winners are forwarded from Branch to Zone and then through District, Provincial and finally to Dominion competitions.

Below is a list of the awards presented:

St Marys – Grafton Winners

Primary – Poster – Colour
1st – Seth Murray
2nd – Addison Temple
3rd – Bella Mitro

Primary – Poster – Black and White
1st – Ava Locke
2nd – Cavyn Teixeira
3rd – Mary Newman

Junior – Poster Colour
2nd – Addison Woods
3rd – Ember Davey

Junior – Poster – Black and White
1st – Laurel Dudley
2nd – Isabella Mullin
3rd – Issac Davis

Junior – Poems
1st – Addison Woods
2nd – Jordyn Logel

Intermediate – Poster – Colour
1st – Evangelina Chiarotto
2nd – Elora Carter
3rd – Gabriel Roda

Intermediate – Poster – Black and White
1st – Layla Dawson
2nd – Oscar Jolicoeur
3rd – Jorja Kimmett

Intermediate – Essays
1st – Hayden Inglis

Intermediate – Poems
1st – Alina Minifie
2nd – Trinity Rivard
3rd – Sarah Bachman

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