Bottle Drive July 10th Results

Let me tell you about how terrific our community is to us. Terri Lyn Wright suggested that we have a bottle drive at the Legion to assist us in paying for our upcoming renovations. The bottle drive was on July 10th, and it was a huge SUCCESS!!! We had lots of volunteers, and I mean lots. We had to use three trucks, a 20’ trailer and an 8’ trailer just to take the beer cans and beer bottles to the gas station in Grafton, and the following week we had one truck and a 20’ trailer for the liquor bottles. Thanks is going to Paul (and family) at the gas station for all their help. Our volunteers were Terri Lyn Wright, Jean Calder, Catherine and Eric Billings, Ferne and Calvin Stewart, Brian Fraser, Heather Atkins, John Grozelle, Doug Moore, Catherine Martin, Corey Grozelle, Iain Grozelle, Emma Grozelle and Marlie Monroe. (I hope I didn’t miss anybody!!) THAT’S A LOT OF HELP!!! And we could not have done all this without the support of our community!! Quite a few people made financial contributions also.

Oh yes, the important part!! We made $2529.90!!!!!

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