D-day, June 6

Today, June 6, is the 76th anniversary of the Allied Forces landings at Normandy, France, commonly known as “D Day”.
It is important for us to remember the sacrifices of the Canadian forces not only for this momentous anniversary but for all of the men and women who sacrifice time away from home and family, time keeping peace around the world, time taking on the tyrants of the world and currently taking on the greatest “war” most of us will ever know – the pandemic.
Hundreds of Canadian Forces are putting Canadians first in their assignments to the Long Term Care facilities that are being ravaged by COVID-19.
Please take a moment – or more – today to pause and remember all the Caandian forces who have served us in the past and those who continue to put service first in their defence of the Canadian people, be it away from home or on our own shores and in our own towns & cities.
Thank you to all Veterans and great thanks to the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the purposes of peace and freedom in our world.

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