Decoration Day

Today, Saturday June 19, Dave Harnden, Heather Atkins and John Grozelle placed 83 white crosses and Canadian Flags on Veterans Graves at Fairview and Eddystone Cemeteries in preparation for their Decoration Sunday.

Plaques are also placed for Veterans who are buried overseas.

The next Cemetery to be decorated is St Mary’s Cemetery and that will be the first Sunday in August.

If you are aware of any graves that may have been missed, please email with information about that person and where they are buried, etc. so we can update our records.

Our Cemeteries:
– St Georges Cemetery
– Vernonville Cemetery
– Centreton Cemetery
– Macklin Cemetery (Country Rd 29 and MacDonald Rd)
– FairView Cemetery
– EddyStone Cemetery
– St Mary’s Cemetery


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