Friday Night Meals

Well, we were amazed at the turnout tonight for our Meatloaf Dinner.

Our volunteers baked 19 9″X6″X3″ size pans of meatloaf’s, each weighing 4-5 pounds of meat and associated ingredients. Some were Gluten Free.

After the “dinner bell” sounded and the line up slowly dwindled, we served 139 meals.

We had a lot of new faces in the crowd tonight, some of them came back after the Robbin Burns Dinner last weekend and stayed to visit with friends.

We also handed out 6 new Legion membership applications.

We are glad that the community has chosen us to visit on Friday night and a special thank you to NoCo Autoworx of Grafton to their supportive post in the Grafton Ontario Residents group.

Next week, we are looking at chili and rice as the meal. More information will be posted soon.


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