Friday Night Meals

A few have asked what we go through for a meal in groceries, etc.

We are very fortunate have 4-5 families that always pitch in to assist in putting together the meals, including planning, purchasing, picking up and cooking.

We have other members and volunteers that will assist when they are available and that includes setting of the tables and placemats before the meal, assisting in cutting and serving the desserts (a full time job) and helping in the kitchen.

We also have students volunteering to get their hours for school and on one occasion the student’s mother was in the kitchen washing dishes wanting to help.

Our last Meat Loaf Dinner…..

– 22 fresh baked meat loafs
– 60 pounds of mashed potatoes
– 18 liters’ of fresh made gravy
– 12 dozen buns
– 18 extra-large cabbages with 15 pounds of carrots and fixings for coleslaw (4 large jars of dressing)
– 17 assorted pies – including whipped topping when requested
– 1 home made chocolate cake
and to wash that all down:
– 60 cups of coffee
– 30 cups of tea
– cream, milk and butter to finish it all off

We wish to thank all the community that comes out to support the Legion.

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