Covid-19 Warnings closes our Branch effective immediately

The health and safety of our customers, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance during this challenging time.

The Provincial Premier has just declared a state of emergency in Ontario as COVID-19 constitutes a danger of major proportions! As such, medical health officers and the Premiers Office has ordered the closure of all facilities providing indoor recreation programs, all public libraries, all private schools, all licensed childcare centres, all theatres, cinemas and concert venues and all bars and restaurants except to provide takeout food and delivery. This is effective immediately.

It is now time for the Grafton Legion to close its doors until April 6th, when we will re-evaluate the current COVID-19 crisis and determine if and when the Branch will reopen.

Health authorities continue to stress taking the same precautions which are recommended every year for cold and influenza season. These include:

Regular hand washing
Coughing into your sleeve or arm
Not touching your face
Staying home if you are ill

For your reference here are hot lines that have been set up to help you access up-to-date information, get answers to your questions about COVID-19, and connect with health professionals if needed:

Ontario Ministry of Health (416) 235-6556/ 1 (877) 601-4567
HealthCanada 1 (833) 784-7397
Telehealth Ontario 1 (866) 797-0000

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we assure you we have everyone’s safety and best interest in mind. Please be safe during this difficult time.

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