Friday Night Meals

Still only $10.00. Children 12 and under, $5.00.

Friday August 11 – Hot Hamburg Dinner with mashed potatoes and vegetables, and yes gravy. Tea and coffee is included. Dessert this week will be an assortment of pies and the ever popular Rice Pudding.

Dinners start at 4pm and run until 7pm or until we run out.

All are welcome so please come and join us.

Take out is available.

There will be 4 meat draws.

Also, due to the overwhelming turnout, our President has sponsored a “Dinner for 2 Draw” every week for August. This draw is free to anyone at our dinners and can be redeemed at any Friday Night meal.

Upcoming Meals:

More Friday meals will be posted soon.

We are open:
Tuesday 6pm-9pm for Summer Fun Darts
Fridays are still 2pm-7pm.

Hope to see you stopping by.

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