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The Public Speaking Contest, part of the Legion’s Youth and Education program, is meant to give young people an opportunity to speak in public. The individual chooses their own subject matter for the address.The contest progresses through zone, district and area levels, concluding at the Provincial level in May of each year. The Grafton Legion holds our Annual Public Speaking Contest on Sunday March 5, 2017. (Sorry – the Sunday Jam Session had to be canceled this month). You may recall that last year Ethan Rivard placed in the Grades 4-6 division and Sam Hall placed in the Grades 7-9 division. Good luck to our participants this year!

Here is a PDF file from Legion Command with details on the Legion Public Speaking Contest.

Additional information added March 18th…

Public Speaking Contest Results

We had 17 students participating from Grades 1 to 9.

Winners from Grades 1-3:  1st Place:  Jordon Simpson.  2nd Place: Tyler Calvert-Challice. 3rd Place: Chloe Crossley-Gryko. All students from St. Mary’s.

Winners from Grades 4-6:  1st Place: William Hall, Grafton Public. 2nd Place: Lara Echeverria, Grafton Public. 3rd Place: Ethan Rivard, St. Mary’s.

Winners from Grades 7-9:  1st Place: Sam Hall, CCI.  2nd Place: Jack Griffith, St. Mary’s.  3rd Place: Carter Jean, Grafton Public.

Everybody moves onto Zone F-2 Public Speaking on March 25, 2017 held at Branch 577, Bewdley.

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